Welcome to my homepage! 

I am Dr. Chinmay Khandekar. You will find here a compilation of my current and previous research works with collaborators, and other useful resources

related to optics and photonics. This research work focusses on fundamental understanding of light and using that to advance technology applications such as photovoltaic energy harvesting, imaging, light sources, material characterization and metrology techniques, cameras, information display technologies, and micro/nanoscale heat management solutions. 


I am also interested in curiosity-driven fundamental exploration into topics that are not necessarily trendy, but may be important. Even though their usefulness in not immediately obvious, they can open doors to wonderful possibilities in the future. Some of the work described here has this long term vision. Feel free to leave a question or feedback, and don't hesitate to contact if you would like to work with me on interesting problems. 

Solid-state thermal refrigeration technology based on light and nonlinear materials

Optics &



Nonlinear Optics to beat the fundamental blackbody limit imposed by Kirchhoff's law

Computational Electromagnetism





Thermal Physics


New Kirchhoff's laws

for nonreciprocal media

Thermal memory to store information as temperature

Reconfigurable mid-infrared (THz) circularly polarized light source

Condensed Matter Physics

Research Highlights 


Nonlinear upconversion of frequency-selective thermal radiation 

We show that the resonantly enhanced nonlinear upconversion of light can be utilized to enhance thermal radiation at frequencies where it is otherwise exponentially suppressed because of the blackbody distribution. Upconversion of thermal radiation is relevant for thermal energy harvesting technologies. 

We note that the impact of optical nonlinearities on thermal radiation was never explored before. This topic requires careful theory development which is consistent with thermodynamic laws. Our work is based on thermodynamically consistent theory modelling. 


Professional experience and R&D topics of interest: 


Magic Leap:  Currently designing displays of augmented reality headsets for enterprise solutions [link]   

Stanford University: Research group of Prof. Shanhui fan [link]

Quantum and thermal fluctuations for mechanical motion, New architecture for thermal infrared imaging

Purdue University: Research group of Prof. Zubin Jacob [link]

Novel circularly polarized light sources, Electromagnetic nonreciprocity and heat, Computational photonics for bianisotropic media, Metrology and high-fidelity magneto-optic characterization techniques 

Princeton University: Research group of Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez [link]

Nonlinear optics for thermal science, Novel heat-based memory design, spontaneous noise in laser systems.

Tata Institute for Fundamental Research: Physics of abelian and non-abelian anyons and application for topological quantum computing

Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics: Experimental setup instrumentation for attosecond imaging technique