Welcome to my homepage! 

I am Dr. Chinmay Khandekar. You will find here  a compilation of my current and previous research works with collaborators, and other useful resources. Broadly speaking, this research work focusses on understanding fundamental properties of light (photons) and harnessing them for practical applications related to energy harvesting, imaging, material characterization, metrology, display technologies, micro/nanoscale heat management etc. 

Education:  PhD from Princeton University, USA.

Bachelors from IIT Bombay, India. 

Solid-state thermal refrigeration technology based on light and nonlinear materials

Optics &



Nonlinear Optics to beat the fundamental blackbody limit imposed by Kirchhoff's law

Computational Electromagnetism





Thermal Physics


New Kirchhoff's laws

for nonreciprocal media

Thermal memory to store information as temperature

Reconfigurable mid-infrared (THz) circularly polarized light source

Condensed Matter Physics

Research Highlights 

Abstract Lights

Nanoscale solid-state thermal refrigeration using nonlinear optics

We have conceptualized a new approach to nanoscale thermal refrigeration based on nonlinear intermixing of thermally excited surface phonon polaritons. 

This approach paves the way for developing solid-state cooling to reach ultralow temperatures (10 to 50K) without using cryogenics, gases or moving parts. No such solid-state technology currently exists. 

About me:

I have recently joined Magic Leap company to work on augmented reality headsets for enterprise solutions [link]

Previously, I worked at following universities: 

Stanford University, Research group of Prof. Shanhui fan [link]

Topics: Casimir physics, Thermal infrared imaging

Purdue University, Research group of Prof. Zubin Jacob [link]

Topics: Spin photonics, Electromagnetic nonreciprocity, Spintronics and

magneto-optic materials, Kirchhoff's laws. 

Princeton University, Research group of Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez [link]

Topics:  Nonlinear optics for thermal science, Temperature-based memory, spontaneous noise in laser systems.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also write them in the chat box and I will be happy to reply.